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Trying to wade through all the Denver screen printing companies for your business or event can be overwhelming. You want to ensure you get a finished product you love, delivered on time, and done right the first time. Choosing a locally owned and operated business with an established history and reputation is a great start. But even more, you need to work with a screen printing company that has the right equipment, experience, and reputation for high-quality screen prints and customer service that matches.

What is Screen Printing?

Ink + screen = screen printing. One screen, a mesh stencil, is used for each color to be printed. The screens are first lined up and printed on test sheets to ensure that all of the colors line up correctly. The inks are then pushed through their screens one at a time onto the chosen apparel. After the ink is laid, the apparel is run through a large dryer to cure the inks.

Screen Printing Benefits

Screen printing is versatile. Although shirts are the most commonly screen printed items, screen printing can be used for tote bags, jackets, bandanas, and more. Screen printing gives you control and one of a kind results. From faded finishes to intricate color patterns and designs, screen printing can achieve the look you have in mind.

High Quality Screen Printing

Screen printing can be as simple as printing your logo onto a cotton t-shirt for giveaways or creating the highest quality custom shirts that won’t fade, crack, or flake over time. The flexibility of screen printing allows for printing on any material and eliminates the worry about the ink harming the fabric.

Types of Screen Printing Ink

As you might imagine, the quality of the ink you use in screen printing makes a big difference. Over the years, we’ve found that Union Inks offer a reliable, high-quality finish for our screen prints. There are many different types of inks that are engineered for specific results.

Water-Based Ink

Union’s water-based inks are environmentally-friendly, high-performance PVC-free water-based inks. Great for printing on 100% cotton light fabrics. Water inks provide a seamless print finish because it dyes the apparel versus adding a new surface. A/P is one of the few companies in the front range that offers water-based screen printing because of the difficulty involved in working with this type of ink.

Plastisol Ink

Plastisol inks give screen printers the widest range of options for printing on any substrate (surface). Plastisols are characterized by their exceptional ability to remain on the screen for longer periods without drying up. This feature makes it the most widely used ink in the screen printing industry. It’s also known for its flexibility, versatility, and durability.

Discharge Ink

This ink has gained popularity in recent years. Available in both plastisol and water variations, discharge ink works by removing the dye used to color your garment and replacing it with your chosen color. This ink makes it easier to work with darker colored apparel. It only works with 100% cotton-based garments.

State of the Art Screen Printing Equipment

Like all technologies, screen printing equipment makes a difference. A/P uses industry-leading M&R screen printing equipment. Companies that use manual equipment can produce good results, but big orders set them back for days at a time. As we’ve grown, we’ve updated to industry-leading automated M&R equipment so we can handle big jobs with efficiency and precision. Not only do we use M&R for our printing, but we use M&R for our drying and curing process to ensure the highest quality finish on every piece of apparel we print.

Why Good Screen Printing Equipment Matters?

If you’re not using the right equipment with experienced operators, odds are you’re not going to get a high-quality print that holds up over time. The details will not be well defined, and the finish may look muddy and sloppy. If it’s not properly cured, it will fade, crack, and peel.

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