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Whether it’s an embroidered logo on a hat, letter on a jacket, or logo on a backpack, the textured look and feel of custom embroidery is hard to ignore. When you’re looking for a Denver embroidery shop that delivers what you want, you need to make sure they have the right equipment, digitizers, and experience to deliver a high-quality product on time.

What is Custom Embroidery?

Embroidery has been around for a long time – it dates back to China in the 3rd century BCE. Embroidery is typically thought of as a needle and thread that is stitched on fabric. The finish is considered to be of the highest quality and durability. Today, most custom embroidery is used to display custom artwork, logo designs, and business names on a variety of clothing and fabrics.

Why Choose Embroidery?

Embroidery is preferred by companies and small businesses because of the professional finished look. It’s versatile and can be used on a wide variety of materials. It makes for a highly durable finish and won’t wear off or fade over time. It can be easily washed and maintained and comes in any color or color combination.

State of the Art Embroidery Equipment

Just like screen printing, the equipment used for embroidery plays a significant role in the quality of the outcome. A/P uses industry-leading Barudan embroidery equipment. Barudan is designed and engineered to overcome common setbacks with less advanced embroidery machines.

Power Failure Back-Up

If interrupted for any reason, Barudan machines can pick up exactly where it stopped. Other machines require you to start the design again, creating unsightly double stitching over some areas of the design.

Positive Needle Drive System

Some embroidery systems do a great job with lightweight fabrics, and others do a better job on heavy fabrics. Many have trouble with puffier items. Barudan is engineered to handle all fabrics with ease and precision.

Custom Electronics

Many embroidery machines rely on sewing machine technology. Barudan uses its own technology developed specifically for embroidery. The outcome is crisp, high-quality images, even on small lettering and fine details.

In addition to Barudan equipment, equally important is the operator. Our in-house operator, Irene, has 30+ years of embroidery equipment operating experience.

Why Good Embroidery Digitizers Matter

An embroidery digitizer is an artist that converts your artwork into a stitch file so the machine can accurately sew the image. Digitizing is a complex process that is both art and science. Over the years, through trial and error, we have developed relationships with some of the best digitizers in our industry. Our digitizers are highly skilled and deliver consistent quality results that meet our deadlines. Any embroidery shop is only as good as their digitizers.

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